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Organization & EC Committee

Position Name EC Status
Honorary Members
Honorary ChairmanMr. Lawrence Ho Existing
Honorary AdvisorDr. Tommy Y LoExisting
Honorary AdvisorDr. Wah Shing TangExisting
Honorary AdvisorMr. Dominic MakExisting
Honorary AdvisorDr. Charles WongExisting
Honorary AdvisorIr. Man Chun ChuExisting
Honorary AdvisorMr. Anthony LaiNew
Honorary AdvisorMr. Pak Kuen YuNew
Honorary AdvisorProfessor Albert C T Cheung (Open U)New
Honorary AdvisorProfessor Andrew Leung New (accepted)
Honorary AdvisorDr. Hoi Chung Chan New (accepted)
Overseas AdvisorProfessor Peter Love ED (Curtin U) (Australia)New (To be invited)
Overseas AdvisorProfessor Stephen O Ogunlana (HWU) (Scotland)New
Overseas AdvisorProfessor Andrew Wong (Canada)New
Overseas AdvisorProfessor Cary Cooper (UK)New
Honorary AuditorMr. Kent WongNew
Legal AdvisorMr. Clement FanNew
Technical AdvisorDr. Raymond LeeNew
Creative AdvisorMr. Sun LauNew
ObserverMr. Chi Fung ChengExisting
ObserverMr. Y K PoonExisting
ObserverMr. Koon Wah LiNew
ObserverMs. Stella SoNew
Observer Mr. Joe C H ChanNew
Observer (Oversea)Dr. Brian Leung (Kazakhstan)New
Obersver (Oversea)Dr. Prince Boateng (UK)New
EC Members
ChairmanDr. Ivan W.H. FungExisting
Vice-chairman Dr. Isabelle Y.S. ChanExisting
Hon. SecretaryMr. Paul TangNew
Hon. TreasurerMr. Andrew WongNew
EC MemberMs. Dreams M Y TangExisting
EC MemberMr. Wallace P K MokExisting
EC MemberMr. Jackmond Cheng Existing
EC MemberMr. Hoi Leung LauExisting
EC MemberMr. Vincent NgNew
EC MemberMr. Peter S K Lai New
EC MemberMr. Wing Kei Tong New
EC MemberDr. Tas KohNew
Administration AssistantMs. Tim LeeNew
Co-opted Members
Co-opted MemberMr. Eric MokNew
Co-opted MemberMr. Qi Liang (Assistant Secretary)New
Co-opted MemberMr. Kenny KwokNew
Co-opted MemberMr. Kevin ChanNew
Co-opted MemberMs. Karman Wong (Vice-chairman, YMC)New
Co-opted MemberMr. Ken Fong (Computer Programmer)New
Co-opted MemberMr. Kirby Leang (Chairman, YMC)New
Co-opted MemberMs. Sin Man LauNew
Co-opted MemberMr. Ngai Chuen SoNew
Co-opted MemberMs. Ka Wai MakNew
Co-opted MemberMs. Chung Hei CheungNew
Co-opted MemberMr. On Chit ChuNew
Co-opted MemberMs. Rudy NgaiNew
Co-opted MemberMs. Phoebe Chung (Chief Designer)New
YMC Committees
11 New YMC Co-opted Member are coming...

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