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Task Groups

Task Groups Responsibilities Members
Secretary and AdministrationMeeting agenda, minutes, communication (emails /letters to members), printing event materials /certifications, company registration, etc.Mr. Paul Tang (Hon. Secretary)
Mr. Qi LIANG (Ass. Secretary)
Tim Lee (Administration Assistant)
Financial ManagementAccount management, auditing, tax, etc.Mr. Andrew Wong (Honorary Treasurer)
Ms. Dreams Tang (EC)
Dr. Isabelle Chan (Vice Chairman)
Mr. Kent Wong (Auditor)
External Liaison Sponsorship seeking, networking, promoting the ISHP, etc.Mr. Lawrence Ho (Hon. Chairman)
Mr. Anthony Lai (Hon. Advisor)
Mr. Koon Wah Li (Observer)
Ms. Stella So (Observer)
MembershipManaging and updating the membership database, work for the benefits of members (membership discount on training /purchasing, green card recognition, etc.)Mr. Wallace Mok (EC)
Mr. Eric Mok (Coopted)
Mr. Wing Kei Tong (EC)
Mr. Jackmond Cheng (EC)
CPD ActivitiesOrganizing seminars and site visit for ISHP members (1 event in every 2 months)Dr. Ivan Fung (Chairman)
Dr. Isabelle Chan (Vice-Chairman)
Mr. Chi Fung Cheng (Observer)
Six leaders for the 6 events
Research & Development (R&D)Conducting research related to health and safety, disseminating research results via international publications, seminars and /or conferencesDr. Isabelle Chan (Chairman)
Dr. Ivan Fung (Vice Chairman)
Dr. Tas Koh (EC)
Dr. Raymond Lee (Technical Advisor)
Mr. Qi LIANG (Ass. Secretary)
PublicityOrganizing and participating in charity and social activitiesMr. Peter Lai (EC)
Mr. Vincent Ng (EC)
Mr. Kevin Chan (Co-opted)
Ms. Kaman Wong (Co-opted)
PublicationCollecting information of various events held throughout the year, preparing annual report, etc.Dr. Ivan Fung (Chairman)
Dr. Isabelle Chan (Vice Chairman)
Mr. Sun Lau (Creative Advisor)
Ms. Phoebe Chung (Chief Designer)
Mr. Qi LIANG (Ass. Secretary)
Promotion (COSHAA)To promote the ISHP & COSHAA to SCOPE and StudentsDr. Ivan Fung (Chairman)
Mr. Hoi Leung Lau (EC)
Mr. Lawrence Ho (Hon. Chairman)
I.T.Restructuring, maintaining and updating the ISHP webpage, developing a membership log-in functionDr. Ivan Fung (Chairman)
Ms. Dreams Tang (EC)
Mr. Ken Fong (Co-opted)
Mr. Peter Lai (EC)
Mr. Vincent Ng (EC)
Mr. Sun Lau (Creative Advisor)
Ms. Phoebe Chung (Graphic Designer)
DesignDesigning membership card, webpage, flyers, banners, etc.Mr. Sun Lau (Creative Advisor)
Ms. Phoebe Chung (Chief Designer)
Young Members Committee (YMC, ISHP) Recruiting Young Members,Dr. Isabelle Chan (Vice Chairman)
Mr. Kirby Leang (Chairman, YMC)
Ms. Kaman Wong (Vice Chairman, YMC)
All Student Co-opted Members

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